Chemspunge Wound Care

These Wound Dressings will Revolutionize the Treatment of Wounds and Primary Burn Care. 

Are you suffering from any of these painful wounds?

Chronic Static Ulcers, Varicose Veins Ulcers. Diabetic Sores, Gangrenous Bed Sores,
Wet Gangrene, Spider Bites, Dog Bites, Boils, Blisters and Septic Sores, 
Hematogenous Septic and non-Septic Wounds where Oedema Occurs, 
Deep Cavities Wounds, Skin Abrasions and Cellulitis, Skin Malignant Melanoma,
Abdominal Septic Wounds.

Burns of any degree.

How to Order

Take a number of pictures of your wound and tell us what treatments have been done to date and then either  email  us or make contact via WhatsApp

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