Spider Bites

Spider bites can cause redness, pain and swelling in the bite area on the skin.
The blisters, surrounded by a bruise and red skin color, rupture as the venom spreads widely around the bite.
It appeared that the antibiotic treatment did not control the infection.
Due to the adsorption capacity of the Chemspunge Wound Dressing, the inflamed area was contained.
The spider bite was under control within 10 days.
The dermis peeled off but the epidermis stayed intact.
In another spider bite study, a flap transplant was performed on the affected area.
It became septic resulting in severe damage to the skin area.
There is proof that no surgical intervention should be performed while a wound is still septic.

The secret in wound care is to reduce and eliminate the oedema as soon as possible from a wound.    

Another spider bite healed 

Bitten in the soul of the foot. Treated and healed with Chemspunge


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