These Dressings have been in existence for several years.
During this period, all the energies and efforts have been channeled into proving the efficiency of the product.
This has resulted in many clinical trials and protocol trials undertaken with various hospitals, clinics, old age homes and private case studies since 1993.

The results have been the same, these products have revolutionised the treatment of wounds and burn treatment as well as Laparotomy for ovarian cystectomy and caesarian sections, abdominal hysterectomy, appendectomies or orthopaedic wounds, chronic wounds, [such as ulcerating cancerous lesions] skin cancer, breast cancer, chronic over radiated wounds, ulcerating gangrenous wounds (which were due for amputation) malignant melanoma, micro- viscosities, severe ischemia, diabetic patients suffering from ulcers and septic toes, dog bites, snakebites, spider bites, bedsores, poison fangs, and cellulitis.

Tremendous results were obtained in treating Leprosy patients' lesions at the leper colony in Zambia with Chempspunge.
Recognition was given to Dr. Cathy Harding for her achievement by Queen Elizabeth.
This is claimed to be the 1st product to heal leper wounds.
Affidavits are available for the case studies.

Numerous patients suffering from septic wounds have been healed.

The unique product features of the Wound Dressings are as follows:

1. The product is a sterile, hydrophilic, non-stick, hypoallergenic wound dressing which lifts oedema forming a barrier between blood circulation and wound exudates.

2. These products autolysis necrotic tissue through osmotic pressure, and move the excess exudates to the wound dressing and retains it.
These products do not contain anti-microbial agents; neither do they deposit anything into the wound.
This creates a setting for blood circulation, carrying nutrients, macrophages and leukocytes to the wound exudates and allows the body to promote natural healing.

3. The product is cost-effective as no advanced cleaning of wounds is necessary, neither are additional agents to be used, and dressing changes are done only when saturated.

4. The product allows the body to perform its inherent natural healing process in any age group, and will indicate at what stage surgical intervention is necessary, especially in burn treatment 

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