Hematogenous Septic Wounds Where Oedema Occurs

Applying Chemspunge in an HIV-infected patient with a large sacral pressure ulcer

In 2004 a colleague of mine admitted a patient with HIV and she also had a massive sacral pressure sore due to decreased sensation over her sacrum and immobility.
She was in a poor nutritional state and the wound was severely infected.
The wound was at least 10 cm deep, lined with foul-smelling necrotic tissue and 20- 25cm wide.
I thought that the patient had such a poor prognosis that I was reluctant to use her as a case study.
Because of this I only took photos of the wound at a later stage.

At first, we tried to improve her nutritional state and ensured that she was gaining weight.
Systemic antibiotics were given and her diet was supplemented with Zinc, Vitamin C and Folate.
The wound was packed with Chemspunge wound plugs and was changed daily until the cavity was filled with granulation tissue. (See photo 1)
By this time I was pleasantly surprised, firstly because the patient survived and secondly because the wound was healing and was without infection!
The patient was quite pleased too since she had very little discomfort and was looking forward to going home.

Photo 1 (28/12/2004)
Take note of the scar tissue that indicates the initial size of the wound!
This wound has healthy granulation tissue and by cutting the edges the wound closure was enhanced.

By December our patient needed no more encouragement to eat more and she had gained at least 10 kg of weight.
Her wound was healing beautifully, in March 2005 we decided that her wound was small enough to be managed at her home and we discharged her.

We noted the following advantages in using the Chemspunge® cavity plugs during this case study:
Antibiotics were only needed in the initial phase, when the patient had severe infection.
Re-infection did not occur.
Wound healing was quicker. (See photo 2)
It is very easy to use this product and it saves time.
All that is required during a dressing change is the removal of covering and the saturated cavity plugs and replacement
with new ones and a new covering.
The nursing staff were happy to use it since it saved time and was easy to apply.
The patient was pleased since it did not cause discomfort.
The patient's family can apply these dressings with ease at home and the patient could be discharged earlier.
The fact that the patient was discharged earlier had a definite saving in effect and made a bed available for someone else. 

Photo 2 (16 /03/2005)

The wound is now much smaller, and no pain is present.
The patient was now ready for discharge.


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