Foot Ulcers and Cement Poisoning

A foot ulcer - veins Static ulcers.

A leg ulcer - veins Static ulcers.
The patient was allergic to conventional treatment.
Ulcers deteriorated and the patient's physical condition is badly affected.
The patient contracted septicemia.
the dressing was applied as a last “possible hopeful attempt”.
Her condition improved weekly as the wound was purified and after a period of 162 days of treatment, she was totally healed.
Her physical condition started to improve and normalise.
Grootte Schuur Hospital, Cape Town 1998

There is often very little tissue and in some cases poor blood circulation, therefore pain and inflammation.

Apply the Chemspunge Wound Dressing over the affected area.
Secure with a pressure bandage to promote blood circulation to the lower leg as the calf muscle pumps against the dressing
Change dressing when saturated
The redness will prove that the Chemspunge Wound Dressing promotes blood circulation to the wound area and is not classified as inflammation but occurs through the adsorptive potential of the Chemspunge Wound Dressing.

It is normal for a wound to initially become deeper and wider while using the Chemspunge Wound Dressings as the product will remove all the necrotic tissue which cannot be visualized before granulation will take place.
The odors might become stronger as the product removes the exudate to the wound surface.
A black scab is normal and proves how severe the damage is.
A sensation of pain is normal because the Chemspunge Wound Dressing draws the exudate from deep down to the surface through osmotic pressure to the surface.
Pain due to poor blood circulation and inflammation.
Do not use any additional products with the Chemspunge Wound Dressing. 

Cement Poisoning

The patient has been suffering from leg ulcers on both legs due to cement poison for over 40 years.
The doctor recommended amputation.
The patient's physical condition deteriorated to such an extent that he lost his hair and stopped eating.
I.V., anti-biotic treatment was given regularly to stabilize septicemia.
The doctor applied the Chemspunge Wound Dressing as a last attempt, with excellent results.
The patient's wounds started healing, his hair started growing, and he gained weight.


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