Advantages of SeptiCure

A pain-free treatment.
Less psychological effects on children, as this ensures a pain-free treatment.
No scrubbing of wounds to deslough or remove debris.
No or less sedation for pain as the dressing does not stick to wounds.
No scars in many cases if natural healing takes place.
No skin graft in many cases (natural healing).
Less theatre cost.
Less time spent in hospitals.
The patient can be treated at home until a skin graft is performed if necessary.


Tap water and detergents should never be used to treat burns or wounds.
No scrubbing of wounds as healthy tissue can be damaged.
Patients fear dressing changes as conventional dressings normally stick to the wound.
Patients refuse to enjoy a balanced protein meal due to pain and fear to move.
Using SeptiCure Burn Dressings patients can move from the day oedema is lifted.
Dehydration, as patients are too scared to move to reach for the drinks on the bedside table.
Deficiency of Vitamin C or Zinc, in the case of severe burns.
The glucocorticoids such as cortisone, lead to reduce inflammatory response,
depressed fibro-blast proliferation and minimal granulation tissue formation.
The advantage of using SeptiCure Burn Dressings is that it promotes blood circulation
to the affected areas due to the adsorption capacity of the product.
A continued inflammatory response caused by foreign bodies entering the wound
during trauma or have been placed there by surgical interference e.g.. sutures.

Other advantages of using SeptiCure Burn Dressings are:
The sooner SeptiCure Burn Dressings are applied, the greater the advantage.
A very aggressive desloughing product.
Adsorbing exudate carrying bacteria away from the wound.
Minimizes the proliferation of bacteria after every dressing change, thus lifting oedema which
is an ideal environment for the multiplication of bacteria.
Promote blood circulation to the wound area.
Avoid sunburn after a skin graft for at least one year.
Continue with SeptiCure Burn Dressings until the wound has healed.
Lifts oedema to prevent pressure on nerve endings.
Prevents bacteria penetration into wounds.
Alleviates pain.
Stimulates blood circulation to wound area.
Desloughs and remove debris through osmotic pressure.
Stimulates granulation and protects tendons, veins and nerves.
Pain-free treatment to burns of any degree.
Promotes quick healing without scaring.
Diabetic wound sufferers benefit by using SeptiCure Burn Dressing at a slower rate.

Inflammatory exudate must escape the wound to prevent sepsis.
Bacteria will be transferred by the bloodstream through the rest of the body, which causes infection and inflammation.

Exudate aids cell migration and maturation, and provides a fluid media, enzymes growth modulators, and nutritional factors.
It is also actively bactericidal because of the substantial number of cells and antibodies it contains forming a valuable part of the inflammatory process.
A problem arises only when exudate is produced in very large quantities as in necrotic exudating wounds.
At this stage, SeptiCure Burn Dressings quickly controls large quantities of exudate-carrying bacteria as the product absorbs and retains fluids.
The body continues to produce exudate, as inflammatory exudate continues to escape.
Any healing wound becomes dryer during the granulating period.
No wound dressing can dry a wound, the body consists of 80% water.
Natural healing takes place as soon as debris and inflammation is under control.

Age groups
The physical condition of the patient must be taken into account, especially if a patient suffers from malnutrition, cancer or the aged.
Research has proven that elderly patients' wounds granulate very slowly and cancer sufferers in many cases do not granulate at all.
It is advisable to use SeptiCure Burn Dressing to deslough the wound and lift bad odors, but then to continue with a product less aggressive.
Do not use SeptiCure Burn Dressings on wounds if the prescribed treatment is Waverin or blood thinning treatment.
Children granulate much faster than adults.
To prevent over-granulation changes dressings less frequently, 2-3 days after desloughing or use DonorAid dressings instead to allow granulation. [DonorAid dressings Obtainable from Chemspunge Manufacturers]

SeptiCure Burn Dressing must not be used on fresh donor areas or skin grafts.
Use only if the area becomes septic!

SeptiCure Burn Dressing is a refined product to be used in the case of burn patients and is a development of Chemspunge Dressing.

If a burn needs treatment, it needs SeptiCure®

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