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Susann Chalmers

In 1993 the concept of the "Tea Bag" Wound Dressing was revealed to Susann Chalmers.

Susann has since travelled the world introducing the product ranges with demonstrations and trials, proving its effectiveness.

Chemspunge has saved many diabetic patients from limb amputations.
Healed the septic wounds of numerous patients and if used in time prevents septicemia.
Chemspunge was the first product to heal the skin lesions of leper patients while on multi-drug therapy.
Minimizes the trauma of a burned patient because there is no scrubbing of the wounds.
Malignant skin ulcers and septic mastectomy wounds were treated with excellent results.

Her Philosophy is, to Love, to Care, to Give, to Share, to Alleviate Pain and Suffering.

Recognitions and Awards:

This Invention has been honoured with six National Importance Awards. ( See above)
New Technology in septic wound care and primary burn care was born in RSA.

The wisdom to inspire the creation of these inventions was given to a Midwife, Susann Chalmers.
Obedience to God's calling and her passion for the poor people suffering from wounds that do not heal using conventional medicine inspired her to dedicate these projects to God's Kingdom.
God commanded her to Go, to Heal and restore His people. 
Susann believed that what you teach your child will never depart from him.
Education creates a better quality of life and contributes to prosperity if a nation is skilled to obey God's Word.
The youth needs to be taught to use advanced technology to ensure the development of our Country.

Most of these inventions have been patented at one stage of their development, proving their uniqueness.
Proper research has been conducted and can be verified by affidavits, and reports.
New technology has always created savings in any institution, and as well as creating jobs, it benefits all industries.

Positive results and many phone calls are received daily to thank Susann for the success of their healing.

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